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Hair growth is something I get asked about a lot. My hair grows quite fast, is very thick and I have a lot of it (not just on my head btw… tmi?). I’ve always been fairly low-maintenance when it comes to my hair and have taken a fully natural approach to keeping it healthy and long. I feel like natural and simple methods are best when it comes to hair and skin care (and many other things in life – hence my blog). Disclaimer, genes definitely play a big part but since going natural a few years ago, both my skin and hair are healthier than ever. A simplified, inexpensive and all-natural approach is definitely possible. Below are my tips and habits – and no, regular trimming is not one of them (I trim my hair once or twice a year). 


Tip 1: Wash as little as possible, ideally with natural products.

This might sound gross at first, but hear me out. I only wash my hair once a week, which gives the natural oils a chance to bounce back, especially since my hair is on the dry side so it takes longer for it to get greasy. This contributes to softer and less brittle strands. Bonus – you won’t need to buy as much shampoo and conditioner! Oilier scalps may feel this is harder to do, but if you stick to it your hair will adapt over time (you may have heard of this trend lately called “oil training”). I also use natural shampoos and conditioners, which strip the hair WAY less as they are mostly oil based. My favourite right now is this Rocky Mountain shampoo & conditioner


Tip 2: Brushing & oil masks for scalp-care.

Giving the scalp attention is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to hair growth. I brush my scalp every night for a couple of minutes to stimulate the follicles (twice a day is even better). Notice this doesn’t mean I brush my hair, because I don’t. I brush my hair fully maybe once a week, if that. I cannot stress how effective this is though – my uncle grew back a head of hair after losing a lot of it due to stress during medical school (his method was 100 brush strokes a couple of times a day)!!! In addition, oil masks can help with growth. Coconut oil in particular stimulates hair growth. I combine a scoop of coconut oil with a couple of drops of lavender & rosemary oil (which also stimulate hair growth) and work that into my scalp once a week. It usually takes a few scoops of this mixture to coat my scalp and I leave it on for a half or full day if possible before my weekly hair wash. This is something I only started doing regularly this year and can’t say for sure yet if it has actually made my hair grow faster, but it definitely makes it softer!


Tip 3: A balanced diet – veggies, fruit & fat.

Honestly, I eat A LOT of fat. Plant based fats are always best of course (avocados, nuts, nut butters, oils), but I also regularly eat grass-fed butter, full-fat yogurts, eggs, as well as fatty fish and meats (note, I don’t eat a lot of meat but when I do I prefer fat vs. lean meats). I don’t limit myself at all when it comes to eating fat and I never have (to the point where I feel some people would be a bit appalled by how much butter I put on my toast). Beyond that, I eat a good amount of raw vegetables & fruit which our bodies need to stay healthy and regenerate. I don’t know exactly how much my diet attributes to hair growth in particular but hair health is definitely affected by my diet. My approach may not work for everyone, but making sure the intake of key nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants will always play a positive role in hair health (and overall health of course). Balance is key!


Tip 4: Minimize styling & colouring.

People may not want to hear this, but I know for a fact it has contributed to the natural softness & health of my hair. I don’t colour my hair or style it with any heated tools or styling products on a regular basis. I used to colour and style my hair a few years ago and as a result it was a lot more frizzier and brittle. I use heated tools only once or twice a year now and the only styling product I own is an all-natural hair-spray.

In a nutshell, less is definitely more when it comes to growing hair faster and keeping it healthy.

Do you have any methods you use for hair growth/health? Comment below or on instagram, I would love to know!


  1. Ashley Marquardt

    Yay! You did it! Such a good post babe. xx

    • curatedbycatalina

      Figured it was time after all of the people that have asked! Hope it helps! 🙂

  2. Shara

    Thanks for these tips! I’m going to try the shampoo & conditioner you suggested.

    1. With regard to brushing your scalp, is there a specific brush that I should do this with?
    2. Do you dry your hair, or air dry it?
    3. How do you get the coconut oil out of your hair? Is washing your hair enough or do you use a dry product first (e.g., a powder) to soak up the oil prior to washing?

    PS. I agree with you about not washing you hair often!!!

    Thanks so much! #curatedbycatalina

    • curatedbycatalina

      Hey Shara! Yes, definitely try that shampoo/conditioner, so far it’s my favourite natural brand for hair. To answer your questions:

      1. I use a regular hair brush BUT it’s wooden (with wooden peg-like bristles) and the bristles are more spread out, so it doesn’t pull on my hair very much.
      2. I air dry my hair 99% of the time. I only blow-dry it when I need to go somewhere right after or if it’s a cold day and I am going outside. This isn’t very often though because I normally wash my hair at night during the week. I put a small towel on my pillow to deal with the wetness 🙂
      3. To get the coconut oil out, I just wash with shampoo like normal. But, I do 2-3 rounds of shampoo and make sure to lather well. One rinse is definitely not enough, especially when using a natural shampoo. I don’t use any powders though, regular washing does the trick!

      Glad you agree about minimal washing, saves so much time too!


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